HowTo HowTo Create Rules In Open WebHTB

HowTo Create Rules In Open WebHTB 15649 views, 1 replies

See howto create rules as clients and use IP`s and/or pshihical MAC address and/or iptables mark

Step 1: Create one or more classes

goto menu Classes+ and after to Add classes

Step 2: Set apropiate bandwidth for your lan card interface (internet bandwidth)

choose a class name

set Bandwidth (minimum guarantied)

set Limit (maximum if posibile)

leave Burst 0 (auto, recomended)

choose priority (0 means auto)

leave que SFQ (recomended, ESFQ is not in kernel and TC by default, for this exists a patch)

Step 3: Go into Add Client from menu

set Name, bandwidth, limit, burst

create stong match using combined condition with IP and MAC or just one of this

for advanced rule match use iptables mark to define src and dst

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The simple way to shape only web traffic is to set at src-ip , src-ports 80,443
not important if in webhtb machine have installed squid or not, client or clients will get your bandwidth, at dst-ip use your client ip and/or mac or classes ip`s

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