HowTo HowTo Install Open WebHTB (Fedora)

HowTo Install Open WebHTB (Fedora) 33332 views, 15 replies

Learn step by step what you must do to install the open source version of WebHTB.

Step 1: Install dependencies

open one terminal and login as root

yum -y install php-cli httpd mod_ssl unzip mysql-server php-mysql openssh* libssh2 mc

Step 2: Activate apache server, mysql server and openssh server at linux start-up

chkconfig httpd on

chkconfig mysqld on

chkconfig sshd on

Step 3: Set apache server, mysql server and openssh server at linux start-up (ssh2 is already active by default)

service httpd start

service mysqld start

service sshd start

Step 4: Set password for user "root" of mysql server and activate it

mysqladmin password your_password_here

mysqladmin flush-privileges

Step 5: Activate "short_open_tag"

mcedit /etc/php.ini

search for: short_open_tag = Off and switch that to "On" insetad of "Off"

service httpd restart

Step 6: Check SELinux state (enforced policy do not let you connect to mysql via TCP-IP and not allow apache to create temporary files in /tmp)

cat /etc/selinux/config |grep "SELINUX="

if "SELINUX=enforced" find a way to configure to work with WebHTB or edit "/etc/selinux/config" and set "disabled", this require server reboot

Step 7: Obtain Open WebHTB

cd /var/www/html


Step 8: Extract archive

tar -jxvf WebHTB_V2.9.bz2

Step 9: Set permisions

chown -R apache.apache webhtb

Step 10: Install Open WebHTB

open your favorite browser and navigate to: "https://your_server_ip/webhtb/setup/index.php

Step 11: Start-Up for Open WebHTB

cp docs/webhtb /etc/init.d/webhtb

chkconfig webhtb on

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Please help me. I just installed fedora core webhtb at 13 and found a massive error like the screenshot attached below:
From Screenshoot
the above guidelines I've followed step by step The following packages that I installed httpd is active when the tests on the browser to the url localhost then I instalkan mysql with the following setup steps - yum install mysql mysql-server #success - chkconfig - levels 235 mysqld #successfull - /etc/init.d/mysqld start # successfull - mysql_secure_installation #successfull with setup password database to

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Read Step 5: Activate "short_open_tag"
edit /etc/php.ini .... do the rest, this is not an error, configure php to work and with "<?" (short tag) not only with long tag "<?php"
Also remember to configure or disable SELinux, see step 6

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i have done the installation step by step but i failed to get the gui. when i open the browser and type the ip/webhtb/setup/index.php, i get to see the scripts. how to resolve this

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At setup time, web setup, you don`t see the scripts? because is the same problem like at first person, read first posted reply and activate short_open_tag in php.ini
search for php.ini because some distros have more than one, one for apache, one for cli and one for cgi
sorry for late

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I have already installed WebHTB in fedora 16.
It has shown no error. But when i follow step no 10: "https://your_server_ip/webhtb/setup/index.php" it shows only background. Can you help me in this regard Sumon

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I have already installed WebHTB in fedora 16.
It has shown no error. But when i follow step no 10: "https://your_server_ip/webhtb/setup/index.php" it shows only blue background. Can you help me in this regard. It is also ask for password.

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how many times to repeat? set in /etc/php.ini the short_opentag to on
yes webhtb ask you the root password, that means is ok

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I did following steps but
cp docs/webhtb /etc/init.d/webhtb chkconfig webhtb on whenever i want to start/stop webhtb nothing happen. Also there is no lock file created under /var/lock/subsys on startup, do we really this step? what is the purpose of this script

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create classes, rules on specified interface, after try to start.
subsys will not be created anyway
check after setup done when you want to start if xml file in "XML" directory are created before start.

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Salut am incercat sa pun webhtb pe fedora 18 am urmat pasii din tutorial exact cum scrie dar aceeasi eroare ca la Delicostea Daniel
Sorry, setup already done!" exit Cannot connect to MySQL with root id and root pass

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Salut din reusit in cele din urma sa scap de eroare.era din cauza apache si ordinea de instalare din acest tutorial.insa mai am o problema.cand accesez pagina de instalare numi vede placile de retea p1p1 si p2p1

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goleste-i valorile variabilelor fisierului php de configurare si nu o sa mai zica ca setup..., iar faptul ca nu-ti vede placile de retea, asigura-te ca SELinux este disabled si short_open_tag este pe on in /etc/php.ini

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After installation could not login to page https:///webhtb/

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Still loading on first login after installation

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I am having some issue to setup Webhtb on Fedora21, on the setup page, there isn`t any interface to choose for default.

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