Features Graphs and statistics for each client or group

Graphs and statistics for each client or group

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Creating graphical statistics are very important, generated each 5 minutes you can see users' traffic, or groups of users, represented in images.

Offers you two types of graphical statistics, first with axes for upload and download, and the second as pie`s in your daily e-mail reports!

First type is generated with rrd-tools (perl-module) and the second type with php-gd. Both types are generated only for non-local traffic, that means, only forwarded traffic are captured with iptables and represented, traffic redirected like traffic from squid proxy server are not captured and represented.

Choosing statistics in daily e-mail reports
Once you choose „Send daily Email Reports“ from „General Settings“, you will receive every day, at minight, in your e-mail, pie graphs representing all your non-local clients' traffic and groups of clients.
Blacklist statistics
This feature cannot be turned off, and if you choose to receive a daily e-mail with statistics and back-up file attached, you will receive also the list of blacklisted clients. Blacklisting means internet services will not be delivered and any webpage tried by that client will be redirected to your announce page.
Informs your clients by email
Starting 7 days before the account expiration date, all customers will be informed on their emails about that, day by day, until the expiry date. This feature can be turned on or off from „General Settings“.
Switch, redirect blacklisted clients
This important feature may be turned on or off from „General Settings“, this feature means all webpages (http) of your blacklisted clients will be redirected to a customizable page with your announce about that.
SMTP Settings
First of all, in the same „General Settings“, you must set your mail server with details about your account like ip or dns name, username, password and port. If your server does not require authentication do not set up a password.
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