Features Bandwidth limitation, traffic shapping

Bandwidth limitation, traffic shapping

Manage your services

This is what WebHTB was designed for: internet bandwidth limitation, in any direction, download and upload.

Theoretically, Open WebHTB and WebHTB Professional work on any modern Linux system, with standard requirements and, the most important thing they do not require you to compile a thing. All you need can be found in your distro's repositories.

Open WebHTB requires iproute2, Apache http server with SSL support, PHP5 (php-cli and php-cgi), MySQL server, SELinux down or configured to permit work with apache-php-mysql-webhtb and some modules compiled into the kernel (like sch_sfq, cls_u32, sch_htb, sch_ingress, act_police and optionally sch_esfq). Open WebHTB also requires „unzip“, needed for autoupdates, and a SSH server that accepts the „root“ user to login by default on localhost port 22.

WebHTB Professional does no longer require https support for Apache, „unzip“ and connections over SSH server. Now it executes root tasks via „sudo“ (see the howto section for requirements).

Manage your clients
Adding clients is one important step. Clients must be added first, and after that you must add shapping rules. The clients menu offers everything you need to add new clients, to edit or delete them. Name, ip, physical mac, account type, e-mail, bank accounts and more are just a few that can be added.
Managing groups of clients
Managing groups of clients is one more super feature, that assumes there is a need for more than one client in a group. This is needed when you want to see traffic statistics for zones, neighbourhoods, etc... You will find this in the „Clients“ menu.
Update physical MAC from ARP
Caching of a client's physical MAC can be imported from ARP in many ways. First way is when you add or edit clients, you will have an option to see the client in a list, or try to import MAC only for the specified client IP. This makes the MAC changes in rules also. Another option is to import or update MAC for all clients or for clients that don't have a MAC set.
See who is online
See online users in a smart way! This is a list with each client's given name, IP and MAC. Also, you will see if for a particular IP you have or not another MAC address. This list shows all users and all interfaces. Server MAC's or a client's wrong MAC are highlighted in red for better distinction.
Important and appetizing feature. At chosen time, is easy to stop Internet services for selected clients and - if you choose so - from „Control Settings“ redirect http for those users to your announcements page. You will find this in the „Clients“ menu.
Time profiles
Create time-based shapping profiles. This changes on the fly, without human intervention, speed values on shipping rules, at your preffered time interval (hourly, weekly, monthly). This creates periodic cicles. This feature can be set when adding or editing clients.
Bandwidth profiles
Create bandwidth profiles based only on download limits. When your clients download more than you want at specified time, you may create and apply shapping rules based on their profile. Profiles may be created with specified bandwidth (KB,MB,GB,TB) per hour, day, week, month, year. When clients reach their profile limit, speed will be reduced until the time period expires.
Show „rules“ realtime traffic
This feature shows in realtime all download traffic from „tc“ for all classes and for all clients (bandwidth and limit). Egress (upload) is not represented here because uploads have „root“ class directly as parent.
Show „client's“ realtime traffic
This shows you realtime traffic for all download and upload made by a client's IP. This requires „RRD Graphs“ to be turned on in „Control Settings“, or else WebHTB will not write into „iptables“ the „WEBHTB_TRAFFIC“ chain and client's lines to cache and count the traffic.
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