Features Daily automatic encrypted backup files sent to the administrator

Receive daily encrypted backup files in your e-mail

Back-Up and Restore

Backup and restore proccesses are very important because they allow you to backtrace your work in the past. This step is needed when you did something wrong in the configuration process, for clients or shapping rules.

creating backup's or restore them from backup files is very easy: with just two clicks you will get back your WebHTB like the way you left it yesterday.

in „control tools“ you have the opportunity to choose the backup files to be included in daily midnight emails as an attachment. And please remember - any encrypted backup file are decrypted and used on the same machine that encripts that certain file, or just decrypted inside this website.

Why encrypted?
Because files include all personal information about your clients and it is dangerous to keep those backup files in the clear. At any time just one virus or hacker may access those files and use them if they are not encrypted.
What is inside those backup files?
In the backup files there are some WebHTB Professional settings, all the information about your clients and all the shapping rules. Actually, there is a dump of the entire MySQL database used by WebHTB Professional, created with „mysqldump“.
Will I be able to decrypt backups elsewhere?
Yes, using this website, once you have created an account and have one or more purchased licenses. Login, go to the licences list, choose the licence attributed to that particular server that created the backup file and press the „decrypt backup file“ button.
Will I receive backup files automatically?
Of course, you will receive encrypted backup files attached to your e-mail, daily, at midnight, if you choose so from „control tools“
May I keep the backup files here, on this server?
Yes, but without any guarantee. Better to keep backup files in your personal e-mail Inbox or in your computer, archived according to determined periods of time.
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