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Full Features List

WebHTB comes with a wide range of features that will help you control your customers, climb to a new level of efficiency and simplicity, which provides total security and less time spent on maintenance and management processes of customers and Internet services you offer.

  • Manage Your Clients (WebHTB Professional only)

    • Import IP and/or MAC from ARP cache
    • Import MAC from ARP cache for one specified IP
    • See at any time Who Is Online from ARP cache and who doesn't have a specified MAC address
    • Complete Name or Company Name
    • Address
    • Nickname (used for graphics and statistics)
    • Account start date
    • Account finish date (When time comes, your clients will be blacklisted)
    • Group name (if you want your client to be part of a group)
    • VAT%
    • Two bank names
    • Two bank accounts
    • Identity Card Series or Tax ID
    • Identity Card Number
    • Personal Code Number
    • Two Phones
    • Two Faxes
    • Client IP Address
    • Client MAC Address
    • Secondary IP Address (just for info)
    • Internet Services Subscriptions
    • Blacklist is a powerfull tool that allows you to stop or start Internet services whenever you want
    • Create NAT Once a Client IP has been added, choose an interface to MASQUERADE
    • Redirect to Squid (port 3128) if you have Squid installed and started and you want to use it
  • Manage Your System Interfaces

    • Add Interfaces into WebHTB from the Linux system
    • Change to another interface on the fly, without the need for refreshing the current page
    • Delete interfaces on the fly with all classes and clients associated, without the need for refreshing the current page
    • Choose Start-Up Interfaces from application
      (WebHTB Professional only)
    • Choose Default Interface from application
      (WebHTB Professional only)
  • Manage Shapping Classes

    • Add Infinite Classes (Name, Bandwidth, Limit, Priority and QUE (SFQ, ESFQ, PFIFO). ATTENTION! ESFQ is not present by default in kernels !
    • Edit Classes and change values any time you want
    • Delete Classes with assigned rules any time you want
      (in Open WebHTB, Rules are Clients)
  • Bandwidth Profiles (WebHTB Professional only)

    • Bandwidth Profiles gives you the opportunity to change rule values (bandwidth and limit) automaticaly. When your clients reach a download value - for example, when your client gets 1GB of data in 15 minutes and your profile is set to permit only 1GB an hour, for the remaining 45 minutes, your client will get the bandwidth and rate written in your bandwidth profile
    • Bandwidth Profiles may be created with any download quantity (MB, GB, TB) per hour, day, week, month
  • Time Profiles (WebHTB Professional only)

    • Time Profiles gives you the chance to change the rules of values (bandwidth and limit) automaticaly, between two periods of time. For example, if you want for your clients to reduce speed during peak hours, just create and apply that profile to the rules. Your client/rule will have more or less bandwidth from 5PM to 5AM
    • Time Profiles may be created for any hourly or daily interval of the week.
  • Statistics

    • Show RULES Traffic shows you only the download speed by rules in realtime
    • Show CLIENTS Traffic shows you realtime download and upload speed by IP
      (WebHTB Professional only)
    • Show XML Config File shows you all the rules in XML format. This helps you better understand the shapping process
    • Show Clients Graphs shows you RDD png graphs by Client IP
      (WebHTB Professional only)
    • Show Groups Graphs shows you RDD png graphs by groups of clients
      (WebHTB Professional only)
  • Change QOS Status

    • Start, Stop or Restart shapping on selected interface
  • Invoices (WebHTB Professional only)

    • Invoices allows you to create invoices in PDF for your clients, based on Draft Invoices, with receipts, any time you want, for Internet services subscriptions and/or other service like installations or maintenance (that is an external application located at https://invoices.soft-manager.ro/, „Now Is Under Development“), any WebHTB Professional account will have one account into the invoices application.
    • My Informations allows you to set any important information about your company
    • Currencies allows you to set any currencies you want to use for invoices (USD, EUR, etc...)
    • Subscriptions (Internet subscriptions) allows you to create full subscription packages for your clients, with prices
  • Control Tools

    • Change Language allows you to change the WebHTB Interface language. Creating language files is very easy, anyone could do it
    • Allowed IP's is a very strong security setting that allows you and other administrators to access and login into WebHTB
    • Back-Up and Restore creates encrypted backup files from MySQL with just one click. With that backup file, you can restore an entire WebHTB MySQL database
    • General Settings allows you to set E-mail Settings. If you want RRD png graphs to be created and to be sent to the administrator's E-mail every night. Also, if you want the backup file to be attached to that e-mail or if you want to let your clients know within 7 days prior to their account's expiration date, through E-mail. If you want to redirect the HTTP traffic to one customised page with expiration details. And more...
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